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Get fit the Fun Way!

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Exercise should be fun and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. You will be so much more motivated to look and feel your best when getting fit is not another task on your list, or a session of torture, but rather an exhilarating activity that you can look forward to!

For all Discovery Vitality members, you will also earn Vitality points for attending any of our in-person or online fitness classes.


In-Person Fitness

We offer a variety of in-person fitness classes that are not only excellent for the body, but great for the mind as well. Choose one class or mix them up, your body will thank you for all the endorphins.

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Online Fitness

Online Fitness

If you would prefer to workout at the convenience of your home, then our online fitness programme is perfect for you. With unlimited access to a variety of classes that aim at improving your health and well-being, you can stay fit and healthy without putting foot outside your house.

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Muscle Tone
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Cardio, Strength
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Strength, Endurance
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  • The studio looks amazing. A beautiful sight to walk into. You are drawn to the dancing poles and the colourful Air Yoga hammocks. The space feels serene, matching Anita's energy. I truly enjoyed the Air Yoga and Zumba classes. The studio gets even more beautiful in the evening as the lights come on, framing the large mirror. Making you feel like you were meant for Broadway.
    - K Buthelezi

  • I really enjoy each minute in this class amazing vibes positive energy and environment Amazing teacher Anita! Wish you all the best because you really deserve it!!!
    - H Aladel

  • Anita held an introductory heels class at her studio. I felt safe and accepted. It was awesome to learn and dance in the friendly atmosphere. Dance studio is well equipped and easy to dance in.
    - J Manning

  • My favourite place to go . I love both my aerial yoga and pole dancing classes. Everyone cheers you on, instructor will be there to spot so you won’t fall. I’m getting better every week.
    - A Mchunu

  • This is a super clean and comfortable studio and the classes are small and intimate and well organised. I love the energy in the Zumba, the pole dancing and air yoga was just awesome.
    - M Shekyls