At Elevate Fitness, we believe that exercise should be fun and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. You will be so much more motivated to look and feel your best when getting fit is not another task on your list, or a session of torture, but rather an exhilarating activity that you can look forward to!

We want you to have positive associations with fitness and to that end we offer a variety of fitness classes that are not only excellent for the body, but great for the mind as well.


Dance Fusion

Our dance classes incorporate various dance styles into an “anything goes” class that is designed for you to let your hair down and just have fun! With themed classes and surprise props, you could be wearing sneakers and getting down with hip hop one week and floating on your high heels the next.
There’s no need for dance experience to attend… just a little bit of rhythm and a lot of that fun-loving attitude!


Pole Fitness

If you’re looking for a challenging workout that’s fun, our pole fitness classes could be the ideal thing for you. Not only does this exercise build strength and stamina but it is highly empowering as well! Building muscles that you never knew you had, gaining skills that very few others have and giving your self-confidence a major boost – that’s what you will experience with pole fitness.


Air Yoga

If a peaceful workout is more your style, air yoga is just what you are looking for. Using a silk hammock to provide support and balance, this type of yoga provides a strength and flexibility workout in a serene and mindful environment.

Choose one class or mix them up, your body will thank you for all the endorphins.