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Elevate Horizons

At Elevate Horizons, we strive to empower you to live a physically, emotionally, and mentally fulfilling life. As you elevate yourself, you see further and your horizons expand. Through a combination of therapy, coaching and exercise, we aim to shine the light on what is true for you.

  • Anita is gentle and sensitive when dealing with emotional issues. My experience has been nothing short of amazing! I didn’t know what to expect but went with an open mind. Be it emotional stress, fear or anxiety, Anita can help gently in all areas. I cannot recommend Anita more!

    - C Camhee

  • Thanks so much for the session. In an hour we were able to come up with tools to help support me when I feel overcome with anxiety. Acknowledge that anxiety is actually a tool and indicator – something that can help me achieve rather than stumble if used in the right way. Also I was able to identify and name my own inner mentor and confirm ways of accessing her when needed. It was such a useful session – I appreciate it very much.

    - L Cilliers

  • Anita Jack is truly one of those rare gems. When I first met Anita I remembered thinking what a great attitude. And then I had a 1 on 1 coaching conversation, just to test the waters. I truly had breakthrough after breakthrough. Having worked closely with Anita for over a year now, she leaves me so inspired. Her attitude to help others blows me away. I would recommend Anita to coach any person. To end, I always walk away from our conversations thinking... 'truly Dynamite comes in small packages!'

    - B Salsone

  • Anita helped me realize for myself that I act and react the way I do because of my need to be in control of everything and that I thrive on chaos. The reason I work very well in a chaotic work place is because I feel needed. This also helped me realise my worth to my work environment and the reason why I move around a lot to different companies. She had really helped me put things into perspective and it helps me to “stick around” longer at the company where I am working at the moment. Now I understand that as soon as I don't feel needed and the chaos is sorted out, it feels like I have to move onto the next company. This time, she helped me see another way, which is to stay and work through it instead of just leaving.

    - Y Stander

  • I have had the privilege of working with Anita in a few coaching sessions. Her thorough approach and attention to detail really supported me in gaining clarity on how to move forward on various issues which had presented themselves to me. She is able to quickly assess what is required from me and support shifts in mind set and behaviour. I find she builds rapport easily which allows me to feel comfortable and able to truly process what is required. Anita is a superb Coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    - J Fedder