Where Elevate Wellness deals with the underlying causes of certain issues and looks towards healing the past, Elevate Coaching focuses on the future. We offer specific coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies.

Coaching can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. A coach can help you establish clear goals and empower you to find your own solutions, insights, and ways to reach your goal.


Coaching for Individuals

Our coaching process is fully focused on illuminating your true self and living life to your highest potential. We consider the whole person in our coaching approach. The core message is in being yourself. Harnessing your own talents and inner wisdom to become more than you ever thought possible. Guided by your unique personality and requirements, we don’t follow a set coaching protocol, but we customise the process to suit you.



Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Whether your dream is to start your own business, develop a new product, or expand your business, coaching can help you through all the necessary steps to make it a reality. We have developed a coaching programme specifically to help you plan, build, and grow your business.




Coaching for Organisations

To get the best out of people and teams, it’s important to gain clear understanding of the different personalities and how they interact.

Using the Enneagram personality model, managers can better understand their team’s dynamics. The team can develop awareness and understanding of the different aspects of each team member’s personality and communication style. This level of engagement leads to improved communication overall as well as increased productivity.

This coaching can be tailored to a company’s specific culture or even to different departments within a larger company. People are the biggest assets of an organisation and enormous value is added by empowering them to understand themselves and each other. When the organisation adds value to the team members’ lives, they will in turn add value to the organisation’s bottom line.