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Overcome physical, emotional, and mental health challenges

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Specialised Kinesiology

Specialised Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy which combines many different techniques that can help a person attain balance and live life optimally. Specialised Kinesiology can help you activate your body’s natural healing ability to create positive change and self-healing, leading to new perspectives and a more meaningful, healthy and fulfilled life. You will be enabled to regain control of your own life and respond to stressors in a more effective way.

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Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful method to help individuals deal with the transgenerational dynamics of their family systems and bring principles such as belonging and placement into order so that love can flow freely between members in the system again.

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  • I have gone from having no direction, persistent health problems to truly living my life and I am ever optimistic and feel fantastic as well as stopping medication. This is not the only thing that you have helped me Anita, you have opened my eyes and have taught me so much more. This could not have come at a better time in my life, thank you Anita. I could not have chosen a better more professional, dedicated, patient Kinesiologist than yourself.
    - A Brennon

  • I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was put on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets; the severe pain was causing insomnia and affecting the way I normally functioned. I was referred to Anita Jack. There was a marked difference in pain after my first session, and although the pain returned a day later, it was not nearly as severe as it had been before. Between my second and third sessions, I became aware that the pain had disappeared. I was completely pain-free when I went for my third session. I would strongly recommend Anita's work to anyone.
    - U Van Heerden

  • Anita has an incredible way of getting to the heart of the problem and sorting it out. You may think that you are going to her to get one thing sorted out when your body actually tells her something totally different. Your body priorities what it needs Anita to do and through therapy Anita sorts you out. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone who needs assistance whether it be mentally, or physically. She has not only helped with my bad sleeping patterns, she has sorted out a back pain I have had for months.
    - C Lithgow

  • Anita is an amazing person and awesome Kinesiologist. She has helped me through some issues that were holding me back and it’s been easy sailing from there. I would recommend Anita to anyone dealing wrath health issues that may be associated to stress, anxiety, or past trauma.
    - P Kraft

  • Anita opened my eyes and mind to what really drives and motivates our everyday actions and decisions. I can highly recommend Anita to breakdown the restrictions we place on ourselves, so that we can achieve what we are capable of.
    - D O’Reilly